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Capability Statement 

Chicks Ahoy is a BIPOC owned farm located in Bloomfield, CT where we have organically fed backyard hens laying eggs daily.  


We provide fresh eggs to our neighbors and friends for a sliding fee and/or contributions that support our farm and agribusniess learning series, Eggucation

In August 2022 we began providing fresh eggs to our neighbors and friends for a sliding fee and/or contributions that support our  Agri-business learning series, Eggucation.

Contact Chicks Ahoy LLC if you are looking

  • To partner with BIPOC farmers to increase urban agriculture.

  • For city and community partnerships that increase social capital

  • Need help understanding how to become a farmer in Connecticut.


Community Outreach

Meeting Facilitation

Planning and Development

Project Management

Strategic Communication​





Not-For-Profit Management 

Owner has served in the role of executive director of not for profits for the past two decades. More than thirty years of experience in community improvement and building. ​​

Coaching and training  

Owner has facilitated group training for community and city partnerships. Providing professional coaching for executives, educators, and individuals leading not for profit organizations.​​

Pathways to Agriculture

Owner provides ongoing public learning series to build local support for conservation and opportunities with local families to practice agriculture in Hartford and Middlesex County.


Chicks Ahoy LLC and our partners adhere to all organizational policies and procedures, share complete and accurate information, maintain confidentiality, and meet commitments.  ​We own our mistakes.


We resist pressure from others not acting with integrity and take stands based on our values and principles.  Use market research to adjust promotional and marketing decisions, then evaluate and revise project direction based on the information gathered and analyzed. 


Provide capacity for teambuilding and professional development of staff and to share and receive information that improves morale. We maintain performance standards established to achieve high quality service, products, and productivity of Chicks Ahoy LLC. 


We have a commitment to our team’s positive culture, and we utilize incentives to promote people with demonstrated initiative on Chicks Ahoy LLC goals.We keep data and records that clearly illustrate accounting, management, commitments and any expected work standards and outcomes Chicks Ahoy LLC is obligated to complete.


We modify plans as necessary with clear objectives, tasks, and responsibilities that will help achieve Chicks Ahoy LLC goals.  We annually review and re-allocate business resources and relationships to maximize business planning and project organizing according to importance and urgency responsibly. 


Detect problems by gathering, reviewing, and organizing all relevant information, then provide resources to assess then, address the problem with the measured solutions towards the best options to resolve issues.

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